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Eric graduated from DePaul University in Chicago for his undergraduate degree then got his masters degree from the University of Nevada. Continuing education has been a priority these past twenty five years as owner of Sierra Bodyworks.

Most influential were the classes given by a Seattle area osteopathic physician named Dr. Loren “Bear” Rex comprising nearly 800 hours of continuing education alone. Eric has worked in physical therapy clinics in Chicago and Reno prior to starting Sierra Bodyworks, as well as traditional athletic training settings.

Before embarking on a sports medicine and manual therapy path, Eric studied music at DePaul University School of Music. This has proven to be invaluable as treating patients is both and art and a skill. The tactile nature of treatment is applicable from instrument to the body.

Eric enjoys cycling, aikido, cooking, and reading in his spare time.

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  • what is manual therapy?

    Manual Therapy is based on Osteopathic Medicine. Long before advanced diagnostic tools such as imaging and extensive blood chemistry panels, Osteopaths had to palpate, observe, listen and take time to treat patients. There are many techniques that are utilized in manual therapy; muscle energy, strain / counterstrain, myofascial release, inhibitory technique, and Chapman’s Reflexes are just a few that we use. The philosophy of treatment is to balance up biomechanical and biochemical systems and lay the groundwork in changing aberrant patterns so that the body adapts to the more balanced “new hard drive.” Please understand that I am not a physician or doctor; I do not diagnosis, prescribe or claim to treat disease. I do not do “cracking” adjustments of the spine. I may ask you to do some exercises to compliment your treatment, but unlike traditional physical therapy, this a minimal part of your treatment time.I am not a relaxation massage therapist nor an energy healer. There will be no candles, incense, and Enya.
  • policy

    Please arrive a few minutes early for your appointment. Time management is essential for all of us. Please understand that the time allowed for a session involves changing into clothes or a gown, discussion of complaints and progress, payment, rescheduling, changing out linens, washing hands, and charting. Those who have been with me for a while know that while I may never be a half hour or more late, I also have tended to be a bit rushed. This is what I would like to be consistent with moving forward. Thank you for helping me with this as these changes will equate to more quality in your treatment.
  • cancels & no shows

    While I realize that issues come up that cannot be helped, please understand that my policy is about mutual respect. I run a "one man show" at Sierra Bodyworks and there is a consistent demand for appointments. If you need to cancel or move an appointment, please do so within 24 hours of making that appointment. If something comes up where I do not receive a 24 hour notice, please understand that you will be charged the full price for that scheduled hour. No Shows will also be charged for the missed appointment. If either of these policies are not honored, or late cancel or no show charges not paid, no further appointments will be given to you at Sierra Bodyworks Manual Therapy.

    In 25 years of running this business, I have heard a number of excuses and made numerous concessions. What I have come to realize is that we are all over scheduled and that exceptions to the rules or policy are mistakes for both parties. As we live in this high tech world, it is up to the individual to take responsibility for his or hers own schedule. We will have respect for each other’s time and be consistent.
  • lawyers, guns, & money

    If your treatment is tied to a lien, lawsuit or accident where you are seeking compensation, or insurance settlement, I am happy to treat you. Please realize that I do not take third party checks, provide correspondence to law firms or insurance companies. If you wish to have copies of your intake forms, my chart notes, and a receipt for treatment, I am happy to provide those to you, the client.
  • price / payment

    The cost for treatment is $180 for 50 minutes. The initial visit is priced the same and once we discuss your intake forms (download forms here), we get right into treatment. We accept credit cards, local checks, cash, Venmo, Zelle, and Apple Pay. We do not bill insurance.

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  • scheduling

    Manual therapy is not an "on demand" or urgent care type of treatment. Most clients come from a gracious referral from other clients, family, friends or co-workers. The philosophy of treatment is to balance up biomechanical and biochemical systems and lay the groundwork in changing abhorrent patterns so that the body adapts to the more balanced "new hard drive." That said, I try to have people schedule for more of a maintenance level (i.e. two weeks, four weeks, six weeks, etc.) rather than relying for coming in only when pain or crisis level occurs.

    My schedule is very much like everyone else’s schedule. That is to say, in general, I stay rather booked. This may be different that other types of care that you may have experienced. This is not a drive through service, nor is it triage or urgent care. In general, we will both have better more longer lasting outcomes if I see you again before you have that much inflammatory response and or pain. So much like my understanding of voting while growing up in Chicago, the saying was "vote early and vote often," I encourage you to schedule consistently enough so that we can make improvements without waiting until it reaches crisis mode.